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Kairos Action Group (KAG) is an executive coaching and consulting firm specializing in life and career expansion. When the highest-level performers reach a perceived plateau, they come to us. We take them higher.

How It Works

Taking a holistic, "4 Domain" approach, KAG coaches create a bespoke framework for restoring balance, building in time and space for exploration and discovery. Results: KAG clients are liberated! They find themselves enjoying life again as dreams become reality and new levels of potential are unlocked.


As unprecedented growth is achieved, we provide ongoing follow-up, accountability, and tools to measure performance and evaluate new opportunities.

Professional Support

Jorge Cortijo, founder and CEO, brings 16 years of proven success in international military, corporate and academic leadership development. In alignment with our mission of empowering leaders all over the world, all KAG services are offered in English and Spanish.


Evidence of results in highly-motivated and successful people.
Anj Granieri

Anj Granieri

Award-winning singer-song-writter

"My life has never felt more balanced, my victories never sweeter. Through CHEF coaching, Jorge has awakened a confidence and trust in myself that is truly priceless."

Derek Ketelsen

Derek Ketelsen

Leadership and Performance Coach

“Kairos helped me see that fitness and nutrition was not what I had difficulty with but my mindset towards them. There is nothing I would change about Jorge’s approach!”

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez

United States Air Force NCO

“The 4Domain coaching approach unlocked a winning mentality that I had previously only applied to one or two areas of my life. Jorge helped me achieve a mindset of victory that will stick with me forever.”


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