Kairos Action Group

Ancient Greeks defined time in 2 different ways: chronos time and kairos time. Chronos denotes linear time as measured by a clock or a calendar. Kairos deals with the measurement of moments in time, more specifically, the opportune time to take action.

In life, most of our education happens in chronos time or linear time. However, there are moments of exponential growth that defy preconceived notions of developmental time frames; this is where our company thrives. Kairos Action Group coaches  unlock exponential 360° growth potential in high-performers with real, measurable, sustainable results.

Kairos Action Group (KAG) is an executive coaching and consulting firm specializing in life and career expansion. When the highest-level performers reach a perceived plateau, they come to us. We take them higher.

Taking a holistic, “4 Domain” approach, KAG coaches create a bespoke framework for restoring balance, building in time and space for exploration and discovery. Results: KAG clients are liberated! They find themselves enjoying life again as dreams become reality and new levels of potential are unlocked.

As unprecedented growth is achieved, we provide ongoing follow-up, accountability, and tools to measure performance and evaluate new opportunities.

About the Owner

Jorge Cortijo, founder and CEO, brings 16 years of proven success in international military, corporate and academic leadership development. A fitness enthusiast of more than 20 years, Jorge brings a unique toolset enhanced by his life’s experience. He joined the US Air Force shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and has since emerged as a thought leader in the area of self-improvement through comprehensive fitness, both in the lives of everyday citizens as well as in the profession of arms. 

Mr. Cortijo is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, holds a Bachelor of Science in sports & health sciences and has been a trusted resiliency instructor for the US military and foreign allies for more than 7 years. He is a certified executive coach through the Center for Executive Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.