We help our clients define their professional goals, the relationships in their careers and a clear path towards professional development through the creation of a Kairos Professional Development Plan. Together, we explore the true nature of the individual’s talents and passions that pave the way for finding true career success.


Individuals will reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the confidence that comes from living in a healthy body through the systematic creation and implementation of a physical and mental fitness plan. The holistic approach to improved health and performance  pivots around sound principles of rest, nutrition and exercise that leave all fads behind and make it possible to feel better… for a lifetime.


The importance of intellectual development cannot be overstated. KAG coaches ensure that all clients remain actively invested in their educational development for the enhancement of their craft as well as overall knowledge and awareness of the ever-changing world around us. Our emerging book club and reading lists provide full-time students as well as part-time scholars an outlet of information sharing where formal as well as informal deliberate education can be pursued.


We understand that personal relationships are the cornerstone of success and true happiness. Those personal relationships begin with the most crucial member of our family… ourselves. Our clients will embark on a quest to understand self, to understand others, and to develop efficient ways of being understood by others. This journey of self-discovery is often the turning point in our clients’ lives where exponential value is unlocked through the improvement of close personal relationships.

"Hablamos Español!

In alignment with our mission of empowering leaders all over the world, all KAG services are offered in English and Spanish.